Helping Children with Disabilities Reach New Heights

From Dusk Till Dawn

An Endurance Rope Competition

Date: August 17-18, 2019
Time: 8pm – 6am (Overnight !!!)
Location: The NJ Rock Gym
Address: 373D Route 46 West, Fairfield, NJ 07004
Registration: REGISTER HERE! (Pre-Registration closes 12:00am EST Friday 8/16)



The From Dusk Till Dawn event is a 10 hour endurance rope competition (and party) being hosted at the NJ Rock Gym to benefit local rock climbing programs for individuals with disabilities.

The basic premise is to use the 10 hours to climb as many routes (cleanly) as you can earning points along the way.  Competitors will be ranked individually but you must bring your own belay partners.  Partners do not have to climb the same routes and will only get points for the routes they climb individually.  There is no team based score so you can climb in teams of two or even three if you’d like and it doesn’t matter if one of you is a 5.7 climber and the other a 5.12+ climber.  There will also be a bunch of different ways to win prizes & giveaways so unlike your normal competition even if you’re not the strongest competitor there will be swag to be had.

In addition to the climbing From Dusk Till Dawn will also feature free food, coffee, raffles, various games & challenges, and climbing films.  Come out with your friends to join the fun, test your limits, and support a great cause!


Recreational: have successfully sent nothing harder than 5.9+
Intermediate: have successfully sent UP TO 5.11+ / 5.11d
Advanced: have successfully sent 5.12- / 5.12a
Adaptive: We’d love to invite all adaptive climbers to come out as well.  If we have enough competitors we will create a separate category for you!

The divisions are based on your best redpoint level over the LAST YEAR.  So for example, if in the last year you have climbed 5.10 at your local gym then you are an INTERMEDIATE level climber.  Please do not register for recreational. This is supposed to be a fun community event and there is no need to sandbag your division.

View the full competition fact sheet here to learn about all the rules and prize categories: FACT SHEET



Cost: $25 Pre-registration.  $30 at the door

Registration Form link: (Pre-Registration closes 12:00am EST Friday 8/16)

Registration Payment link:

100% of the registration fees will go to Peak Potential helping us fund our programs for children with disabilities.

"It was just a challenge for me. That's what we do here, take on challenges" - Evan (participant)